Medical Assistant Program:
The objective of this program is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge; and to develop in them necessary personal traits that will enable them to perform as an effective Medical Assistant.

In recent years, Medical Assistants have become indispensable members of healthcare teams and their responsibilities continue to expand as the need for their services grows. Not only Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurses have become more reliant on Medical Assistants, but their services are also being requested by Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes, as well as by Health Insurance Companies, Weight Management Centers, Medical Supply Businesses, Home Health Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies and Rehabilitation Centers to perform a variety of procedures vital to patient care.

Biotechnology Tech. Program:

The objective is to provide practical, hands on learning with cutting edge techniques, technologies, and equipment to enable students to work as technologists in biotechnology industry.

Graduates of the Biotechnology Program will have a working knowledge of biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, recombinant DNA, immunology, protein purification and tissue culture through classroom lectures and laboratory learning experience. These students will be trained to work as technologists in research and development, manufacturing, and quality control. There is a global demand by biotechnology based companies working on drug development for treating disease, tests for diagnosing disease, vaccines, and medical devices to expedite recovery from illness. These companies are constantly in need of trained technologists.

Electrocardiography (E.K.G.) Tech. Program:

The objectives of this program are to train a student; acquire adequate knowledge and skills in the various areas of electrocardiography including identification of life threatening arrhythmias.

Emphasis is also placed on patient preparation techniques, inter-personal communication skills and operation of computerized E.K.G. machine. An E.K.G. Tech. is an integral part of the health care team who conducts E.K.G. on variety of patients. The E.K.G. Tech’s are employed by hospitals, clinics, cardiology specialists and emergency departments.

Phlebotomy Tech. Program:

The objectives of this program are to train a student; acquire adequate knowledge and skills in the methods of venipuncture and other blood collecting techniques using syringes, vacutainers and also in the use of butterflies and finger and heel stick.

This approach enables them to perform as an effective phlebotomy technician. A P hlebotomy Tech. is an important member of medical lab team who interacts with patients, physicians, lab personnel, and health care staff in general. The Phlebotomy Tech’s are employed by labs, hospitals, mobile lab teams and clinics.

Online/Distance Learning Programs:

RCMT also offers online programs to help those students who have other important family and/or job commitments so that they can study at their own schedule.


*International Students Welcome*